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Digital Hearing Aids
Alps, Arphi, Bernafon,
Elkon, Novax, Rexton,
GN Resound, Phonak,
Siemens , Triveni ,
Unitron, Oticon and Interton

Causes Of Hearing loss

1.Natural ageing proces 2.Exposure to loud our constant noise.  3.Illness or complication at birth 4.Heridity/Congetional 5.Toxic Medication 6.Ear infeection. 7.Tumour 8.Trauma 8.Injury


Trust In Us

Our goal is to help people understand what they are hearing by fitting hearing aids that compliment their lifestyle. My recommendations are based not only on the test evaluation, but also on my patient's input regarding expectations and daily activities. My office is not another satellite for a large hearing aid company. I am an independent office with the ability to test hearing, recommend and fit the right hearing aids, and service and repair most hearing aid brands. The reputation of my office is a personal reflection so providing an excellent experience to my community is most important to me.

Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality of hearing health care available so that you can rediscover your hearing and reconnect with the important people and things in your life.

Quality hearing health care brings with a thorough hearing evalutation. Your evalutation will be performed by an experienced audiologist. Based on your results and your needs, you and your audiologist can decide the best hearing solutions for you.






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