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Digital Hearing Aids
Alps, Arphi, Bernafon,
Elkon, Novax, Rexton,
GN Resound, Phonak,
Siemens , Triveni ,
Unitron, Oticon and Interton

Causes Of Hearing loss

1.Natural ageing proces 2.Exposure to loud our constant noise.  3.Illness or complication at birth 4.Heridity/Congetional 5.Toxic Medication 6.Ear infeection. 7.Tumour 8.Trauma 8.Injury


Vanivikash is the most advanced and highly technical hearing assessment and hearing aid Clinic in Bhubaneswar. We are in hearing aid dispensing since the last seventeen years. Our prime objective is user satisfaction and to provide good after sales service to the end-users.  We work all seven days of the week including Sundays.  We have a team of dedicated and qualified Audiologist, Optometrist, Special Educators of hearing impaired, IT professionals and Psychologist.

We are authorized dispensers of high quality Indian and international hearing aids from Alps, Elkon, Novax, Siemens(Germany), Rexton(Germany), Resound(Denmark), Bernafon(Swiss), Phonak(Swiss) and Unitron(Canada). It is a registered firm having valid VAT and C.S.T. registration since 16.08.2000. We also deal with Audiological instruments like Pure tone & Speech Audiometers, Immittance Audiometers, O.A.E., BERA, Speech Trainers, Hardwire Group Hearing Aids, Induction loop Group hearing Aids etc

We are located just opposite to the famous ISCKON temple in Bhubaneswar, which is on the National Highway-5. The location is very easy to find out and this is the bus route to all major places in Orissa. Our Centre is located just two kms. from Baramunda Bus-stand(Bhubaneswar), four kms. from Bhubaneswar Railway Station and five kms. from the Bhubaneswar Air port.

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