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Digital Hearing Aids
Alps, Arphi, Bernafon,
Elkon, Novax, Rexton,
GN Resound, Phonak,
Siemens , Triveni ,
Unitron, Oticon and Interton

Causes Of Hearing loss

1.Natural ageing proces 2.Exposure to loud our constant noise.  3.Illness or complication at birth 4.Heridity/Congetional 5.Toxic Medication 6.Ear infeection. 7.Tumour 8.Trauma 8.Injury


Audiological Services & Test
Audiometry A test by which hearing is assessed
Pure Tone Audiometry
Speech Audiometry
Special tests for differential diagnosis
Speech Therapy for persons with hearing loss
Auditory training
Hearing Aid Related Services
Hearing Aid Dispensing
Digital Hearing Aid Programming
Hearing Aid Related Counselling
Hearing Aid Fitting & Maintenance Related Information
Hard and Soft Earmold
Repair/Service of defective hearing aids
Other Services
Home service for elderly people by appointment only
Referral for ENT treatment/ Plastic Surgery/Neurologist/ Pediatric consultation
Arrangement of Hearing testing in corporate houses and with NGOs
Training to parents of children with speech & hearing impairment
Bulk supply of Hearing aids at concessional rates (Terms and conditions apply)
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